Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The True Tragedy of Somalia

Today, we've been thinking and praying about the missionaries and their friends who were killed on their boat by Somalian pirates. If only those pirates had understood that they had found the greatest treasure they could ever find. Those Bibles now have the blood of true martyrs on them. They are, and always have been, priceless.

It comes down to the truth about which god you are going to serve; Mammon/Power or the God of the Peoples of the Book. It is time for ALL PEOPLES to ask this question in regards to their lives and their actions.

Why money? We can't eat it. For guns? We can't eat those either. Why is it so hard to share food and medicines with those who need it? Because of greedy people which brings us back to money. The co-evil I see with money is power.

It's generally my nature to be willing to share my food, water and toys with other dogs. I know dogs, however, who are greedy bullies who don't care about others. I like Slim Jims just as much as the next dog, but they are not worth causing someone pain or death for. Am I getting through? So many people dismiss their animal friends as soulless and dim witted, when they could learn so much from us. We can forgive almost anything. We are loyal whether you have money and power or not. We are the ones you cry with, laugh with and share your innermost feelings with. So would you please LISTEN???

It seems an impossible task to rid the universe of these twin demons (money and power) through prayer and example. But if each ONE of us is willing to pray, and examine our own lives to see who it is that we are really serving and worshiping...if it turns out to be God, then God says He will listen to our prayers and answer them. If I, a dog, can talk to Him, you can too. If you need help getting started you can email me, or contact me on Face Book.

God bless and pray today like never before. Ciao for now. Missy Mutt


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